Prestige Risks – Giving You Peace Of Mind

Prestige Risks was formed to offer a service that will never compromise on quality and approaches every assignment on an individual basis, with due diligence and dedication from the first contact with the client through to completion.

With extensive experience working with UHNW individuals, corporate clients, foreign royalty, A-list celebrities and specialising in security for children. This gives us the ability and experience to cater for all your security requirements no matter what the size or complexity. With careful planning and relevant contingencies, we provide flexible and cost efficient individual solutions for the modern security requirement. Having a diverse client base means every assignment is handled with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Prestige Risks - Global Security and Concierge Service

Our client’s details will never be disclosed to any third party, giving you peace of mind that your personal security is our main priority. All our operators both male and female, with their extensive background knowledge and industry experience, can seamlessly adapt to all situations. Client’s interests are dealt with in a sensitive and professional manner to achieve the desired outcome.

Executive Protection
Prestige Risks provides highly experienced male and female operatives, each with their own unique skillset. Operatives are handpicked to suit the threat level and client lifestyle on a task by task basis.

Executive Protection - Prestige Risks - Global Security and Concierge Service

Secure Transport
Prestige Risks understands how important being in the right place at the right time is and that schedules are often subject to unavoidable, unpredictable and often last minute changes.

Secure Transport - Prestige Risks - Global Security and Concierge Service

Residential Security
A Resident Security operative can be provided to protect your property or premises as an integral part of an Executive Protection Team or as a stand alone detail.

Residential Security- Prestige Risks - Global Security and Concierge Service

Asset Protection
Prestige Risks Asset Protection service is for anything that a client values and cannot afford to lose. This could range from escorting confidential corporate assets or personal items to managing logistics for several different assets at varied locations.

Asset Protection -Prestige Risks - Global Security and Concierge Service

Concierge Service
Prestige Risks Concierge Service has long standing relationships with many premium hotels, restaurants and a variety of high end retail outlets.

Concierge Service -Prestige Risks - Global Security and Concierge Service

Drone Denial
The Drone Denial System is a 12v battery operated drone defence system. The system is an extremely light weight (3.5 pounds), handheld and mountable drone defence system that can be deployed in seconds.

Drone Denial - Prestige Risks - Global Security and Concierge Service

Intelligence & Communication
Prestige Risks has established a trusted partnership with a full-service data and communication company. This partnership now enables us to off these additional services with a full support team available to handle any project regardless of its size.

Intelligence & Communication - Prestige Risks - Global Security and Concierge Service

Special Projects
Prestige Risks Global Special Projects Department has been developed to offer you a solution for any security related service that you require but does not come under the other services that we have listed.

Special Project - Prestige Risks - Global Security and Concierge Service