Intelligence and Communications

Prestige Risks has established a trusted partnership with a full-service data and communication company. This partnership now enables us to off these additional services with a full support team available to handle any project regardless of its size.

Apart from mobile systems and standard premises type installation, these systems can also be used in a mobile command centre or specialist security vehicles.


Our products allow our clients to communicate freely in the knowledge that their communications are fully encrypted and 100% secure. Our products allow our clients to communicate securely between all communications platforms including:

Intelligence and Communications - Prestige Risks - Global Security and Concierge Service

PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
Encrypted Data Storage
Voice & Text Message
Global Communications

Desktop & Mobile Compatible
Secure Instant Messaging
Video Phone Calls
Secure Chats

Satellite Systems Compatible
Group Communications
Encrypted File Sharing
Fully Encrypted Communications


Complex targeted attacks and malware are no longer problems reserved solely for large global enterprises. Corporate email systems are being increasingly tested by the growing sophistication of the malicious emails landing in their inboxes and putting their business at risk.
The Encrypted Email can protect organizations from email threats including phishing, malware, spam, and other forms of objectionable or dangerous content.

This cloud-based, enterprise-class email security, continuity & archiving product is designed specifically for government agencies and corporations that require 100% secure and robust email security. Backed by an enterprise-class security & infrastructure, the same technology protects some of the largest and most security-conscious companies in the world.


Advanced Threat Protection
Secure Email Continuity
User-Friendly Interface
Active Directory Sync
100% Encrypted Security
URL Defence

Intelligent Content Filtering
Protection against Spam
Multi-Level Authentication
99% Service Availability
Multi-Device Access

Image Scanning Technology
Secure, Cloud-Based Archive
Multi-Tier Administration
99% Spam Effectiveness
Full Network Security


Our highly secure encrypted file sharing and data-storage platform provides our clients with 100% secure, file-sharing and storage capabilities and solutions. Our secure file-sharing platform provides easy-to-use FTP alternative systems with powerful and user-friendly file management tools. Files can be securely accessed from any device with unparalleled security that meets the IT compliance standards of various levels of government, banking and healthcare. Our encrypted file sharing and data storage system provide our clients with a business-centric file sharing and storage solution for companies and organizations of all sizes. Your employees and clients will have an effortless way to manage and share files securely from anywhere in the world, through your own branded platforms. We will brand your file-storage platform with your logo, colours and branding.

You will get an easy-to-use interface, the ability to serve unlimited users, activity logs, email notifications and much more:

Activity Notifications – Unlimited
Auditing & Reporting
Desktop Sync (Windows)
Drag & Drop Files
Easy-to-Use Interface
Encrypted FTP Connections
Fast Uploads/Downloads
File-to-Email Capabilities

File Viewer
Microsoft Add-In
Mobile / Tablet Access
Multiple User Types
Multiple Ways to Connect
On-File Auditing
On-Premise Options
Password Protected Shares

Powerful File Search
Serious Security
Simple UI
Timed User Sessions
Thumbnails of Files
Unlimited Connections
Unlimited Users
Virtual Hard Drive


The Multi-Factor Authentication platform provides our clients with 100% secure, password free, real time, multi-factor authentication that can be used on virtually any online platform, website, application or online system that requires a password to login. Our multi-factor authentication platform eliminates the insecurity and liability of passwords and tokens by pushing authentication requests to end users in real time.

Our product leverages end users mobile devices and turns them into a powerful multi-factor authentication platform for password-free login with 100% secure, true multi-factor authentication in real time.

If any mobile devices using our Multi-Factor Authentication platform are lost or stolen, they can quickly and easily be remotely unpaired from anywhere in the world.

The Multi-Factor Authentication platform allows users to log onto virtually any Internet connected application ranging from websites, mobile apps, desktop applications, online databases and secure online systems with 100% secure multi-factor authentication security.

Our product allows for the push of real-time authorization requests to end users for password-free login, multi-factor authentication, single sign-on transaction approval, identity verification and much more.


Custom Security Policies
Easy User Provisioning
100% User Privacy

Geo-Fencing / Location Controls
Access Logs & Reports

Remote Device Management
Platform Agnostic


The Social Media Intelligence platform provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that deploy proprietary strategies and analytic metrics to help our clients successfully locate critical data sets located within various social media platforms. Our products enable our clients to locate, analyse and link data that is pertinent to their specific needs.
Our social media intelligence platform is highly scalable and effective, regardless of how much structured or unstructured raw data is being analysed or the social media platforms requiring analysis. Our solutions provide critical and intuitive insights into previously unknown data, along with data correlation, anomaly detection, classification, predictive and behavioural analysis, link analysis, association, geo-location, and other multi-dimensional search and analysis tools.

Our products deploy cutting-edge technologies to uncover critical Social Media based actionable intelligence and information.


Real Time Data
Multi-Language Format
Geo-Fencing Capabilities
Link Analysis
Secure Data Archive
Volumetric Visualizations

Historical Data
Real Time Analytics
Keyword / User search
Mapping & Clustering
Multi-Format Exports

Actionable Intelligence
Location Based Searches
User Enabled Alerts
Multi-Level Filters
Custom Report Export

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